One-to-one coaching for English

Need more attention? Don’t worry for that!

Courses exactly as per your requirement

Essential Grammar and Vocabulary in all courses.

Telephonic courses for offline users

Reach us, if you can’t make it to physical classroom sessions.

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Can you Speak English with ease and fluency ?

Knowing English is one thing and owning it is something different.

Can you speak English in natural way with ease and fluency?

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Don’t let a language come between you and your dreams,

Learn English Speaking Now for better tomorrow!

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Language should be a bridge between the two people, but if it is proving to be a barrier, then it is time to do something about it. When you find it hard to crack the code of social, professional and sometimes, even personal communication, you certainly should do some homework. Join English Connect to learn English at various levels.

We have come up with customized courses in English designed to meet your learning needs. Reading, writing, speaking or all of these – English Connect is the best place to be proficient in this language on all fronts!

Our Features

English Connect is the tested spot for enhancing your language skills. How marvelous it will be to have language skills like English to be on your resume! You have no idea it can do wonders to your profile. Our experts are here to help you reach the stars.

One-to-one coaching for English

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Trainer Support (Physical classes)

Want to read, write and speak English like a pro? Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one coaching where our language experts help you at every step. Physical classroom sessions are organized, relevant and fully equipped. Right from the basics of English to adopting it as part of life, our trainers groom you to become a personality you always wanted to be.

Telephonic Classes (on Skype)

Reach us to on our Skype ID if you can’t make it to physical classroom sessions

A convenient way of learning Spoken English comes right at the gadget of your choice. We are available on phone numbers –xxxxxxx and also at Skype ID –xxxxxx.

Tame the world with your English Skills!

Be prepared to take on the world with your confident self, Join us to know how!